Are you performing your tasks manually?

We build dashboards and admin panels to put your business on cruise control!

Here is how it works

Too many businesses spend more time performing repetitive tasks than doing the things that drive innovation, growth and profit. Automating your business processes is the answer. At Optymyze we analyze your business and requirements to create tools that will help your business run on auto-pilot.

To kick things off, we will schedule an initial NDA-protected online meeting where the core functions of your business will be discussed. We will figure out how to make your processes more streamlined and efficient. This meeting will be followed by a concrete set of deliverables including wireframes, workflow mockups and a project proposal. We call this a roadmapping session. It will allow you to get a feel of what it's like to work with us without committing to an expensive or time-intensive commitment.

Once an agreement is reached on the project proposal, we get down to work, scheduling regular meetings along the way in order to keep you updated on the project. After completing the project we make sure that it transitions smoothly to your server and works perfectly.

We've helped...

Growth Pilots

Growth Pilots is a digital advertising agency that manages tonnes of clients along with their advertising budgets. They needed more control over the money that they were spending on ads. We built a system that allowed them to automate critical processes such as automating bids, adjusting low-performing ads and identifying inefficiencies.