We love coding great apps.

We are an independent customer experience agency with technology at our core.

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We are an interactive agency with a focus on real-time web and mobile applications. With our offices located all around the globe, we know how to deliver quality pixels from miles away.

Our Ideology


Know the

Know the

We spend a good deal of time communicating with our clients about their businesses and practices. This ensures maximum mobility during the development and deployments processes.


Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge

Our dev team is equipped with using latest tools and tech. This results in a product that is most effecient and follow the latest design guides


Partners till the

Partners till the

Our team of support engineers ensures that after the deployment the product is bug free and operating smoothly.

What we do?

Web, Progressive

Catering to the needs of latest market trends, our team is equipped with essential tools required to make your product progressive. In coming times, making your product conform to the protocols of progressive web will be a must.

The Natives

Creating native iOS and Android applications is one of the strong suites of the agency. Over a span of 10 years we have successfully deployed more than 80 applications on play and app store. We specialise in creating enterprise applications.


Go Hybrid

With the launch of tools like RN(React-Native) and Titanium, app development just got a lot more fun and easy. If you would like for your app to share the same code base for several platforms, creating a hybrid app is what you need. Moreover, code managment becomes very easy...



Real-time applications are the apps that share data on the fly. Be it sending in-app pushes on some CTA(call to actions) or engaging the users belonging to a certain segment, we can develop the right tools for your use case. Real-time applications help us provide the most relevant data to be plotted on admin dashbaords.

Business Intelligence

Know your app better. The BI developers at OT help you and your product by implementing matrices and hotspots. These matrices can tell you which part of your app has the best convertion rate or what type of users have the highest retention. We develop meaningful dashboards to display the stats.

24/7 Support

We at OT, have been providing excellent mantainence and support services to almost all of our clients after their product has been launched on the markets. We at OT has an effecient 24/7 issue and ticket raising system that ensures that every downtime or issue is resolved at the earliest possible.

Resource Augmentation

Utilise our IT augmentation services for unparalleled success. Our skilled professionals integrate seamlessly into your projects, offering innovative solutions tailored to your unique needs. Choose us for flexible, reliable IT resource augmentation and elevate your business to new heights.

How we do it...

  • Get to know the client

    aka Requirment Gathering

    This is the phase where we drink a cup of coffee together. During the process we tell you about our processes and portfolio in detail. We also get to know your business and requirements in this phase

  • Feasibilty

    A report for your insights

    We then create a detailed report for your project. Using our expertise, we give you various suggestions on how to get maximum success and exposure for your product or idea.

  • The Experience

    User interface and experience develpoment

    Wireframes, UI designing and user experience development comes next. This phase is at our core. We believe that this phase plays a vital role in success of any application. Apart from the usual 100%, we give this phase an extra 10%

  • Code

    The Tech Part

    This is the phase where our devs do their magic. Using the cutting edge technologies we craft an application so beautiful that one might call it irresistable.

  • Assuring the quality

    Making the product crash free

    After the development the QA team and the Dev team start this game we call "The Code ball". The QA team use automated test scripts to test various scenarios and carry out stress tests on your API endpoints. The result of Code ball is a win-win for both the teams.

  • The Deployment

    Product is launched in the market

    This is where we launch the product to the relevant store. Before launching, we may make a alpha or beta launch depending upon the customers requirements


Our team is from all over the world and we know how to deliver quality pixels from miles away.


Software Technology Park, NUST
Islamabad, Pakistan

Email: info@optymyzetech.com